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Hi guys!!

I just wanted to put this here for y’all who wish to send me something cute & fun! I have a wishlist of crafts, cute outfits, stuffies, and more. If you send me something, we will be best friends forever 🙂🙂. Ok. That is all.

cute things for dainty​​​

last night my boyfriend got all hot & bothered after disclosing that I’m allowed to fuck girls. 

There she is! All slick and smooth. Took 10 minutes thanks to the amazing invention of Veet! I’m very happy to actually see my vagina again. All that hair can get annoying haha. 😀😇

Forgot to post this earlier, but here it is. ❤️

Forgot to post this earlier, but here it is. ❤️

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t care just about themselves. 

Sorry I haven’t been around lately, dealing with some issues regarding my body. I will spare you the details, but I haven’t felt up to taking pics. I’ll get back to it ASAP. & thanks for hanging around ❤️

if I start drinking now, maybe I’ll be drunk by the end of the night

I always catch myself trying to see my boyfriends cock through his jeans.. 

being bisexual is the best thing but also the worst thing considering I can never get girls -_- 

I need more friends on Snapchat. DM your username & I’ll add you. 🙂

Everybody’s out drinking and having a good time, and I’m just sitting on my couch eating a messy Pulled Pork sandwich. Goals. 👍🏽